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When space engineers love beer, and beer engineers love space.
Now At Dan Murphy's and Vintage Cellars

A Beer for Space and Earth!
    Vostok is a partnership between Saber Astronautics (space guys) and the 4-Pines Brewing Company (beer guys) in Manly Australia!

    This quality, unique, and flavoursome beer is made in a traditional Irish style and has a full creamy head, rich deep body of chocolate and caramel and a finish that goes for days!

    GOLD MEDAL 2012 Australian International Beer Awards
    SILVER MEDAL 2010 and 2011 Australian International Beer Awards
    BRONZE MEDAL 2011 Sydney Royal Show

    The latest: 15 Jan 2013:
    A refined CAD design for the beer bottle is complete and is ready for re-test. A few tweaks here and there to narrow down sizing and to improve assembly. Vostok beer lovers will be able to have a pint in space exactly as they do on Earth-- by pouring from a beer bottle.

Footage from 26 Feb 2011. This was the first beer in aviation history to be legally served on a commercial 0-g flight. The tester drank six samples of 150ml each, while recording skin temperature, heart rate, and alcohol absorption. And best result is... NO wet burps :)

    9 Sept 2012:
    Fresh off the press is a 3D printed space beer prototype. We took it to the 4-Pines filler machines for test the fittings and get comments from the Master Brewer. Now we can see it in our hands, check the fit, and look for any sharp edeges. Just a few more refinements and we can go to the high fidelity prototype.

    1 June 2012:
    First phase R&D on the Space Beer Bottle is complete. The design passes simulation analysis to include vibration, fluid flows, and surface tension. Next stop: 3D print prototype.

    17 May 2012:
    GOLD MEDAL at the Australian International Beer Awards. Vostok "4-Pines" Stout is now officially the #1 Stout in Australia. They say it's the 2nd largest beer competition in the world. The competition’s global reputation includes some of the world’s most respected international judges. In 2011, the Awards attracted a record 1,195 entries from 34 countries across the globe, including Brazil, China, Indonesia, Mongolia, Denmark and Kazakhstan.

    12 April 2012:
    Absolute smash at YURI's NIGHT 2012. We had about 50-people at the Manly Theater dressed to fly, drinking Space Stouts. In attendance were beer journalists, space enthusiasts, beer enthusiasts, and the locals. Jaron (4-Pines) gave a talk on the future of beer relating Vostok to the history of the India Pale Ale. Jay (JayGray) showed his latest creative works, and Jason (Saber Astro) presented the science behind the beer and the bottle.

    13 Jan 2012:
    Welcome to the new 4-Pines sales staff! Ten hearty space beer aficionados who have the enviable task of sharing our Vostok around Australia.

    8 Dec 2012:
    We've narrowed down several concept CAD sketches for the Space Beer Bottle. Finding the middle point between NASA JSC Human spaceflight requirements and industrial brewing requirements is like threading the eye of a needle but now we know the direction to go.

    7 Sept 2011:
    Set the R&D plan for the Space Beer Bottle. With a literature review, concept to full spec design, engineering, and test phases, it's like making a fuel tank for your brew.

    15 Aug 2011:
    Picked up our second national distributor, Vintage Cellars. Also started planning flight #2!

    21 Jun 2011:
    A great story featured on ABC Catalyst. We've also been picked up by JayGrey, a media firm whose other customers include Bayer and SaraLee.

    4 May 2011:
    We are now at Dan Murphy's, selling AUSTRALIA WIDE, in addition to a growing list of local pubs on our customer page. Now go forth and support your space program! (ask for "4-Pines Stout")

    12 April 2011:
    Incredible time at Yuri's Night at the 4-Pines Brewery. We were joined by 60 screaming happy space fans, beer fans, and a VIP visit from the Russian Consulate. Lots of Russian Standard Vodka and bottles of Vostok. Extra special thanks to American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics for supplying the door prizes! The University of Sydney's Astrophysics department won the best costume award.

    26 February 2011:
    MICROGRAVITY TEST COMPLETE. Carbonation level is GOOD, so we're keeping the recipe as is.
    This hits two milestones. It was humanity's first look at alcohol effects in 0-g. It is also the first beer in aviation history served on a commercial 0-g flight. :)

    18 December 2010:
    Test attempt cancelled due to weather. Rescheduled for 26 February

    16 December 2010:
    A4H flight tester completes baselining and rehearsal for the flight. "Baselining" allowed us to take measurements of his body's normal terrestrial responses to drinking as well as practice all the coordination tasks required for flight.

    8 November 2010:
    Drop Tower tests complete. Small samples of beer (droplets) were dropped off the QUT 23-m drop tower to characterise several of Vostok's physical and chemical responses to 0-g. Also, the FAA grants special permission to serve the beer on the commercial flight.

    22 September 2010:
    Astronauts4Hire (A4H) was selected from a short-list of over 50 applicants to be the in-flight beer taster and 0-g researcher.

    4 July 2010:
    First batch of 500 cases of Stout are bottled. Four small 5-kg kegs are prepped for experimentation.

    22 June 2010:
    4-Pines Brewing Company and Saber Astronautics sign papers and do boring legal stuff. Then we drank beer.

    12 April 2010:
    4-Pines Brewing Company hosts a Yuri's Night party as part of the world-wide celebration of Yuri Gagarin as the first person in space.

Press Releases

About the beer
Humanity loves beer. We always have and always will. The Space tourism market is emerging and will take off in less than 2-years, with thousands of screaming happy space fans booked on suborbital flights. Guaranteed some of them will want the option to enjoy a brew while looking at our big Blue Globe. Why deny them the chance?
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What happens when you drink beer in space?
Beer aficionados will notice two differences when drinking in space. First, the sense of taste is reduced due to mild swelling of the tongue. Second, drinking beers can be uncomfortable—bubbles do not rise to the top, because there is no “top” in space. Gasses and liquids don't like to separate. So if you have to burp, you will burp both beer and bubbles.
How has this changed your recipe?
Any space beer must be high in flavor and low in carbonation. We are looking into other effects as well, such as certain nutrient transferral properties of beer which can ease certain stresses during long duration spaceflight.
What kind of beer is it?
The baseline recipe is a stout, which is already high in flavor and low in carbonation. It’s based off the 4Pines Stout which won silver at the international beer awards in early 2010.
How will you know this stuff is drinkable in space?
We demonstrated the beer in 0-gravity parabolic flights on 26 February 2011. We selected professional microgravity flight researchers to sample and give us feedback-- They are the judges. The experiment actually exceeded the difficult conditions of space flight, going from 1.8g (nearly twice your body weight) to 0g and back fifteen times. 6-samples of 150ml beer were drunk, and basic biometrics were taken in between samples to measure effects that the carbonation level in the beer had on the tester. Our first flight test showed no effects from carbonation.
Hasn’t this been done before?
Not really. One company brewed a test-tube of beer in space, but the focus was on brewing process, not the recipe itself, and nobody in their right minds would limit their drinking to a single test-tube. Another company brewed beer from barley that was the great-great-great-great grandkids of a set of barley grown in space…which is cool until you realize you just spent three times the cost to drink a normal pilsner style beer on Earth which is undrinkable in space.
So how is Vostok different?
We’re focusing solely on the recipe, flavor, and drinkability. The point is to be drinkable in space. This is not a “novelty beer” with the same bland taste as your normal stuff. This is a craft beer. It is meant first for people who love beer so it MUST TASTE SUPERB on Earth. It will support the growing space economy by being equally superb in microgravity.
What government agency is funding this?
None. This is a wholely self-funded venture and our intent is for everyone and anyone to enjoy the beer and enjoy space. Our test budget will expand with our sales, so the more you drink the better this research will get.
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The man on the ground to speak to is...

Richard (T) 0450 202 337 (E) richard@4pinesbeer.com.au
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Saber Astronautics Australia is a new space engineering company which researches logistics and operations solutions for the space industry. They are also actively involved in bringing their passion for space to the public community.
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The 4-Pines Brewing Company is an up and coming microbrewery located right across Manly Beach near the wharf. They have made a name for themselves for their high quality beer which has recently won national and international awards for their purity and strong flavors.
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Astronauts For Hire is a non-profit corporation poised to blaze new trails in the commercial spaceflight industry. Its members are available for hire by researchers to conduct experiments on suborbital flights. As the gateway to commercial human spaceflight, Astronauts4Hire serves as the matchmaker among the suborbital research community, training providers, and spaceflight operators. For more information.

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Zero G Corporation provides affordable research in weightlessness. For the first time, ZERO-G offers unprecedented access to space environments for advanced research at a price that will fit your budget. ZERO-G has established the ZERO-G Weightless Lab which provides the much-needed opportunity for new technological advances in biomedical and pharmaceutical research, fluid and fundamental physics, materials science, aerospace engineering, space exploration hardware and human space habitation.

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Queensland University of Technology boasts the only teaching, research and microgravity testing facility in the Southern Hemisphere making QUT a global leader in research on the phenomena and effects of microgravity in various research disciplines. The Phenomena in Microgravity Laboratory, located in Brisbane, Australia is the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

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At Sydney Commercial Photography We provide product, corporate event and catalogue photography at competitive prices. We specialise in on premises photography and are located centrally in inner-city Sydney. We come to you. We arrive on time. Our photos sell your business.

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Yuri's Night is a world-wide event held every April 12th to celebrate Yuri Gagarin as the first person in space. This year's Yuri's Night is the 50th anniversary and showing to be a global extravaganza with over 170 parties in over 43 countries. Vostok is honored to be a part of the Yuri's Night family!

Vostok in the media
Beer helped shape humanity's past. Space will shape our future. This resonates very well with the general public. Our story is being told worldwide with over 380 online news and blog articles, radio interviews, and television. Below are some examples, we'll be adding more as time goes on.

17 May 2011

A great job by Reuters was passed around the world to include some solid analysis from Space.com, Gizmodo, CBS News, and Forbes. "It’s always nice to see a company test out their marketing claims. But what I want to know is this: how do you get a job as a zero-g beer taster? That sounds like an awesome gig."
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1 March 2011

This was reprinted across Australia and the USA, including Fox News, Discover, and some great banter on SlashDot. "(we) put the beer to the test — in the name of journalism, of course."
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1 October 2010
Sydney Morning Herald

This was the #1 Science/Tech story in Australia three days in a row. Reprinted in the Brisbane Times, WAToday, theAge.com.au, and 3G Mobile. "Australia doesn't even have a space program but a partnership between space engineers and a Sydney brewery aims to make damn sure we won't be beaten to the first space-certified beer."
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27 September 2010

The story is also widely covered in the space community includes Space.com, Parabolic Arc, as well as numerous other tech related blogs. "So how do you test space beer without a rocket? Drink it, of course."
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October 2010
Discover Magazine

We are also featured in online popular science magazines, to include Discover (left), PopSci.com, DiscoveryNews, and Time. "A new type of beer is being marketed to a very select demographic: space tourists."
Beer Distributors, Wholesale Orders
So if you want to get Vostok Space Beer “4 Pines Stout” into your local bar, restaurant or bottle shop, ask them to give us a call.
If you own / manage the local (lucky you) do the same and we will get some of our award winning, tasty beer to you.

The man on the ground to speak to is...

Richard (T) 0450 202 337 (E) richard@4pinesbeer.com.au
Beer Drinkers & Space Nuts
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