Saber Astronautics 
Saber Astronautics is a space engineering company conducting cutting edge R&D in the fields of operations and logistics. We design tools for the emerging commercial space industry and apply them to everyday challenges on Earth.  Our partners have engineered legacy projects such as the Hubble Space Telescope and International Space Station. We have senior operators from US Army and Air Force Space Command and two PhD graduates from a world class field robotics laboratory in Sydney.


4-Pines Brewing Company
The 4-Pines Brewing Company really, really loves good beer.
Brewed to purity laws of ages & ages ago, allowing only 4 ingredients; hops, water, yeast & malt (and the odd bit of mandarin, ginger & other natural stuff to keep the tastebuds tingling), 4 pines brewing company offers great flavour sensations through variety, quality craftsmanship, natural ingredients & traditional, time honoured techniques – no short cuts!


Astronauts For Hire 
Astronauts For Hire is a non-profit corporation poised to blaze new trails in the commercial spaceflight industry. Its members are available for hire by researchers to conduct experiments on suborbital flights. As the gateway to commercial human spaceflight, Astronauts4Hire serves as the matchmaker among the suborbital research community, training providers, and spaceflight operators. For more information.


Zero G Corporation
Zero G Corporation provides affordable research in weightlessness. For the first time, ZERO-G offers unprecedented access to space environments for advanced research at a price that will fit your budget. ZERO-G has established the ZERO-G Weightless Lab which provides the much-needed opportunity for new technological advances in biomedical and pharmaceutical research, fluid and fundamental physics, materials science, aerospace engineering, space exploration hardware and human space habitation.


Queensland University of Technology
Queensland University of Technology boasts the only teaching, research and microgravity testing facility in the Southern Hemisphere making QUT a global leader in research on the phenomena and effects of microgravity in various research disciplines. The Phenomena in Microgravity Laboratory, located in Brisbane, Australia is the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.


Sydney Commercial Photography
At Sydney Commercial Photography We provide product, corporate event and catalogue photography at competitive prices. We specialise in on premises photography and are located centrally in inner-city Sydney. We come to you. We arrive on time. Our photos sell your business.


Yuri’s Night 
Yuri’s Night is a world-wide event held every April 12th to celebrate Yuri Gagarin as the first person in space. This year’s Yuri’s Night is the 50th anniversary and showing to be a global extravaganza with over 170 parties in over 43 countries. Vostok is honored to be a part of the Yuri’s Night family!