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We have had some common questions relating to the Space Beer project, so we asked Dr. Held to shed some light on some of the more technical aspects of Space Beer.

Q: How does the wicking technology work?

A: “The beer bottle insert works using surface tension, which is a weak bond between the beer and whatever its touching.  You see it all the time when drinking here on Earth, the small miniscus where the beer “sticks” a little to the glass, or the way droplets bead on a table top.  Without gravity, surface tension is all you have so we use the insert’s special shape and materials use to spread the beer in the direction we want it to go”.
Q: What exactly makes it a ‘Space Beer’? haven’t others sent beer into space?

A: In recent years there have been concepts for brewing in space and sending beer to space and even using bits of space in beer, but the focus has been on the marketing or brewing process, not the recipe itself or the science behind consumption. All of this is cool until you realize you just spent three times the cost to drink a normal pilsner style beer on Earth which is undrinkable in space. Vostok is the first beer ever designed especially for the space environment – from the recipe right through to the patented bottle technology so you can drink a great tasting beer in space, as you would on earth.

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